Expert Witness

A generally sworn and court certified expert witness of the Regional Court for the Specialist Group 23 on Country Expertise (especially human rights) with the following areas of expertise and additional specializations:

23.05 Afghanistan
23.65 Other Asian Countries – Factual Restrictions: only for Iraq, Syria
Additional Specialization for Refugees: A comprehensive approach is required here. Starting from the classical knowledge of the countries, (including research in the countries of origin – with the focus on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria), risk analysis, care for the refugees along the “Supply Chain” up to the target countries, the asylum process and the return of the rejected asylum seekers, as well as their reintegration in the countries of origin and their integration in the target countries. The risk analysis includes both the assessment of the country of origin and the risks during the escape (including the problem of human traffickers) up to the potential for a threat in the target country. Extensive experience with security evaluation and terrorist groups. The range of services includes evaluation of existing processes and suggestions for solutions. Verification of standards, the use of resources, etc.

Additional Specialization for Development Aid: Evaluation of development aid projects before the start of the project as well as after its completion, benchmark analyses, efficiency analyses and development aid studies. Analysis and inspection of the use of resources as well as of the application of orders. Sustainable development aid concepts. Financial management. Crisis and disaster management. Evaluation of cooperation with other development aid organizations and NGOs. International networking of development aid cooperation organizations. Economic and legal evaluation.

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